SE signal board problems


I have a SF4 SE xbox 360 stick with Sanwas in it. I’m playing a match today and then my HK just stops working… so after the match, I take it apart and test out the wires and the buttons: It’s the board. The one that you connect the buttons to. Just the RT and LT buttons stopped working, everything else is fine. Anyone have this or have any idea how to fix it?

Edit: Ok, I restarted my system. When I shut the system down initially however the green ring stayed lit. Then when I turned it back on, the HK and 3K issue was resolved. However, has anyone had this happen and does anyone know why it has?


There have been several threads on this problem already, but no one has found any solution better than to replug the joystick or rewire the buttons (i.e. use LB for HK instead of RT). I have the same intermittent issue with my SE as well.


My brithers did what your did, but mine works fine. We added the sanwa buttons and only use six so the last two are just dead. Other than that the stick works fine.