SE Stick: bad response in lower right corner


Let me start off by saying that my SFIV SE does NOT suffer from the usual stick-sticking / washer problem. I’m one of the lucky ones to get a defect-less stick :smiley:


The lower right side of my SFIV SE stick doesn’t seem to respond as well as the rest of the stick. I could pull off every move with ease but have a BIG problem pulling off anything that requires the lower right side of the stick especially if it is a double like Shinku Hadoken executing from left to right.

I’ve been thinking about replacing the stick and buttons with Sanwa parts, but not sure if it’ll fix the problem.

Some have suggested switching to an octagonal plating? But I don’t really know what it is and how it would solve the problem.

If anyone has an idea why the stick is behaving this way and if changing a stick would fix the problem, please let me know.



I have no answers to anything but this part.

The octogonal restrictor plate is a plastic guide that sits at the bottom (inside) of your joystick that will restrict the movements of your joystick to that of an octagon.

The most basic restrictor plate is a two-way plate. Which you’d know from playing Galaga, makes the joystick only go left and right (or up and down if you mount it sideways).

A 4 way restrictor would let you push the stick up, down, left and right… but not diagonal.

Those are the basic shapes. Since you’re playing SFIV, you want diagonals so you can throw fireballs and perform fatalities and whatever it is you kids do.

You can get diagonals with 3 types of resistors: Square, Round, Octagon.

Most japanese sticks ship with a square restrictor. It can be tricky to get used to. If the SE ships with a square restrictor (I have no idea) then, yeah, it can be tricky moving out of corners.

An octagon or circle make it easier for some people to transition in and out of corners. There are pluses and minuses to all.

Thank you for your time.


Restrictor Plates are actually different from gates. A four way restrictor will prevent you from moving to the diagonals. This is different from a gate that will change the way the moves when you move it around the circle. The gate actually controls where the actuator on the end of your stick will move.

A square gate will allow you to move in 8 directions, but the diagonal corners will feel more pronounced. With an octagon gate you can still move in 8 directions but will be more rounded.

The stock SE stick when you move it around, see how it feels like the stick is landing on four diagonal corners? If you put an octogon gate on there it will now be instead of a square hole feeling, an octagon hole feeling.

In general charge characters are easier to play with a square gate, and quarter circle movements are smoother on an octagon. It is a preference.


Why does that sound like you’re correcting me?.There are:

2 way restrictor plates -
4/8 way restrictor plates (a.k.a. Square) -
Round restrictor plates -
Octagonal restrictor plates -

You have access to diagonals with Square, Round and Octagonal.

Everything is preference.


Thanks for all the info guys, I don’t believe I’m tech-savvy enough to open up my SE and put some Sanwa in, risking losing my warranty. Although I heard it is pretty simple (solder-free) and there are a lot of guides on these forums.

Maybe I’ll just make do with the SE for now and wait for the 2nd batch of TEs in April, since parts + tax + shipping are probably going to end up costing the same as just buying a TE.