SE Stick Button re-wiring/maping


Ive got the SE stick for the 360 and I like using the far right six buttons with the straight layout instead of the far left 6 buttons with the curved layout.

Instead of re-maping my buttons every time i played, could i just re-wire them the way i like them?

(Looking at the buttons from left to right) I would like to make the first pair on the left my 3 kicks/3 punches and then the 2nd pair my light, 3rd medium, 4th heavy…make sense?

I read the moding posts and it seems easy enough to do by switching the wires…but I know squat about electronics and dont want anything to go kerplode.

Ive got some seimitsu buttons coming in soon, and figured if it will work I’ll just make the change at the same time I switch out the buttons.



Yep, just remove the quick disconnects from one button and place them on the other. Cant see why it would be anymore difficult than that.


I did this just recently for my friend. For some odd reason it seems like I goofed because somehow some kicks and punches got swapped even though I simply moved them over one button. It is super easy though so just make sure you test it out before screwing it all back together to save yourself time.


If anything, the wires themselves are color coded and correspond to a specific button. Just as long as you wire the right button to the right spot you should be ok.



Thanks a lot guys, it sounded easy enough, just wanted to be sure.