SE stick button(s) stops working during gaming


Hi guys,

I have a SE stick for the xbox 360 and I have it modded with sanwa parts.

For some reason my roundhouse sometimes stops working.
If I unplug the stick and plug it in… it works again but I cant do this when my round house fails during matches.

Is my stick fucked or is there something I can do to fix it?

Oh, I already tried swapping buttons but it’s just the round house buttons that stops working. :S


PCB is fucked. Call Madcatz for a replacement PCB, or hack a Madcatz 360 fight pad PCB if they won’t help you out.


Woah that sucks. Does this happen eventually? Or is it a uncommon problem? I am asking this because I just got my SE :S


Eh hopefull it isnt the pcb.
Look at the quick disconnects, maybe they aren’t properly on


dam… i just got an se stick from, today, and it has the same problem problem i think, my lt and rt dont work sometimes, i switched the buttons with sanwa too so it is most likely a pcb problem, freakin cheap ass madcatz lol


I forget but on the original SE and TE thread, there where a lot of complaints about both the se AND te RT and LT going dead, requiring a re-plug in. They supposedly fixed the PCBs for round 2 sticks.


wow i musta got a round 1 stick then…aww crap

anyone know if madcatz will just send a replacement pcb, cuz i already voided my warranty lol?


My problem is kind of similar. Reposting from

I let a friend borrow my PS3 SE for a weekend, and I got it back completely jacked up. When I plug it in, nothing works. If I press buttons enough then the turbo lights flash on and off, but that’s all that’ll happen. Anyone know what’s going on? I have no idea what the hell he could’ve done to it.


Any way to check if the stick I have is round 1 or 2? (bought one for cheap off craigslist). Any visual changes?


I have had an SE since March09 and it has happened twice that I can remember. Once on xbox and once on pc, hasn’t happened for over 5-6 months. I just brought another SE to mod hope the PCB holds up as good as my other one…


Samething is happening with my TE stick… Where would I get PCB and how do I replace it? I’ll repeat the person above,…will mad Catz send me one eventhough my 90 day warranty is up?