SE stick buttons not

well finally spent about 25 dollars on some sanwa buttons for my se arcade stick(xbox360) and its great for about two days and now none of the buttons are registoring on the game?any ideas on what the fix could be?

More details please. Does the stick respond? Do the start/select/guide buttons work?

The simplest thing to is open your stick again and check all the connectors are secure, especially the ones connected to the PCB.

sorry for lack of details,although im not new to fighting games im new to having and modding my own stick.
Yes the stick and guide button works properly.but the start and select are just like the buttons.

Just to eliminate the obvious, is the stick set to ‘unlocked’? The small switch next to the Guide button should be on the right, and the switch above that should be set in the middle to ‘DP’.

take pics of the inside of the stick