SE stick disconnecting at random times

Can this be fixed? It happens when I buffer 720 motions quickly. I’ve changed the stick parts 2 times, however the problem still persists.

I play in tournaments and this has made me lose a few rounds lol.

What other mods have you done? Sounds like something may be getting loose or drawing too much power.

Or do you mean just the joystick popping out of the harness when you say “stick?” For this, hot glue.

No the stick quickly disconnects from the game and I have to unplug and plug back in to make it work again.

You think it could be the 5 pin harness being loose?.. It happens when I mash lol… I can make it disconnect if I like mash 720’s. But it works again once I replug it in.

Hmm. Sounds like there’s some sort of short that causes it to draw too much power, and then the system disconnects it to avoid its internal fuses being blown. And the only mods you’ve done are buttons and joystick? No dual system?

I’ve only modded the buttons and stick to sanwa that’s correct.

what console is this for? it has happened to me a number of times with my x360 TE stick when i first got it. but has only occurred about 1-2 times within the past 3 months. if you do a search you will find a few other threads on TE sticks disconnecting. one possible solution for x360 stick is to replace the end of the usb cable with another.

Yea it’s xbox360… I have TE for PS3 with no problems… but my local tournies all run on xbox unfortunately.