SE stick doesn't registers UP anymore, need help!



I was trying to mod my SE stick with Sanwa parts and after modding everything and starting up the console the stick didn’t go Up any more, the other directions worked fine. I tried to built in my old Joystick but suddenly it has the same problems, doesn’t go up any more, so it’s most likely the stick itself.

did I fuck it up? any ideas?


Check the joystick harness for glue inside the holes of the connector.


any tips how to safely remove any glue that could be inside?

okay I just stuck a little needle into every hole, and yes in one hole it goes only half in, so it’s probably glue, now I need some ideas how to get it out properly?


nvm got it to work, one of the pins inside the thingy was pushed down.

and wow the new sanwa stick feels better then sex.