SE Stick for XBOX 360 diagonal problems

I have a SE stick for 360 full modded with sanwa parts.

There is a weird problem with the diagonals.

Usually when you press a diagonal move with a stick, the diagonal move is executed as soon as you hear the click the two switches made when they come in contact.

For example if you are holding left and then you move the stick in the down back position, your character moves to crouching position the moment you hear the click.

However this is not the case with my se 360 stick.

After you hear the click the character keeps walking backwards (happens on both sides) and only if you hit the gate the move is registered.

I opened the stick and checked the connections and it seems to be fine.

I am wondering if this is a stick problem, pcb problem or something else.

Btw all the buttons working fine and the stick itself (apart from the weird diagonal problem) is working fine.

It sounds like your stick has gone bad. Probably some kind of sensor in motion detection. Not really sure how sticks work, but thats how I can describe it.

First guess: Move the slider next to the guide button to ‘DP’ and try again.

It was already at DP but i tried switching from DP to LS back and forth while testing the behavior of the stick and unfortunately didn’t change anything.

This happened to me before, I was being a dumbass and wiped some grease off my actuator while looking inside my TE. Maybe you gotta re-lubricate it.

Hmm interesting, i did that some months ago when i was a total n00b with sticks but only recently the stick started this behavior. In general the feel of the stick is more loose than the one in my TE stick for PS3.

I wish the problem is the stick itself and not the pcb since is way more easy to replace it and cheaper of course.

I have a spare Seimitsu LS-40 (together with an S-plate) but it doesn’t have a wire harness so i need to cut the wire harness on my SE stick and then solder each pin individually. I am skeptical to do it since it might be a pcb problem.

Edit - I also did the exact same test on my PC and only if i hit the gate i can see the diagonal move is registered at the point of view hat in the controller properties.

Edit 2 - So i replaced the sanwa stick with the seimitsu ls-40 (with the ss plate) and it works like a charm now. Fortunately it wasn’t the pcb. A slightly problem is that height of the stick is taller than the standard.

JLF with the flat plate = 32.5 mm

Seimitsu LS-32 = 27.5 + 5 mm added from the SS plate = 32.5 mm

Seimitsu LS-40 = 29.5 mm + 5 mm added from the SS plate = 34.5 mm

Oh well, might order a brand new jlf some time in the future.

Thanks anyone for the help.