SE stick help with viper

I really want to start to main viper after guile since I can pretty much do anything with him, so I went out and bought a stick, SE since im a broke teenager. now im having serious issues that made me go back to pad. its seriously hard to execute ANYTHING on a stick I feel. its a square gate, so when I super jump and try to burn kick, just the kick comes out. Does anyone have tips on how I can be a better viper on stick, because pad is really good, but i feel stick is better. Maybe I got roped into the hype of stick mania? But I digress, I just want some help on how to perfect my execution with viper

Practice, lots of it. Switching to stick from pad is a big change, just keep at it and you execution will get better with time.

The stick is easier to move, but you might start out as nervous and make fail mistakes

Go in training mode and look at your inputs before doing online games
than ask people from HERE to help, doing random endless will just piss you off

If you need help I am available

Just practice, and you will eventually be a damn good C. Viper