SE it really THAT bad?


Hi! I live in Argentina and the thing is, basically, there’s almost no TE sticks here! there are a few places that sell it, but they have it ridicously overpriced (around 300 U$S dollars, not exactly an option)

So, is SE worth it? Would you buy it if it were your ONLY CHOICE?? It’s that or keep on playing with my dualshock 2

I would’ve already bought it, but i keep reading that the buttons suck, that the stick is a piece of crap and so on…


If you’re not a hardcore arcade player, then the SE stick will work fine for you. If the buttons/stick breaks, they are easily swappable with Sanwa parts, so I would definitely get one if you want to play with an arcade stick.


well one of the main reasons i’m thinking of getting it is cause i use Viper and cannot connect things like c.HP TKcanceel c.HP Consistenly…sometimes it comes out but it’s almost imposible to do that with a simple joystick

so yeah, i’m pretty much a hardcore player. I mean, i’m not that great now but i do play seriously and i want a controller that doesn’t hinder my gameplay


the SE stick is fine imo. people say it breaks really easy, but i use it for ps3 marvel and it’s held up pretty great.

i don’t play any different when i switch from my TE to my SE


The SE is a good stick. Provided you don’t get a bugged PCB, the stick (the actual joystick) is actually pretty solid, and the buttons do their job. People exaggerate the quality differences IMO.

That being said, it’s really easy to mod the stick with Sanwa parts, and I would recommend doing so if you can. The biggest difference is in the buttons, but you would never know the difference if you’re coming from a pad.


I consider SE stick disposable stick, Buy a TE.


You are Hardcore

Viper is a hardcore character to learn. For her I don’t think she is playable with a pad due to her cancel fakes. Go ahead and get an SE stick. If anything besides the PCB breaks, you can get better buttons and a stick for about $60US plus shipping to Argentina from:

or buy off the trading forums here. People often try to get rid of perfectly good white 30mm Sanwa snap ins since they want to customize the color.


Shoot, if it’s a matter of a busted PCB, Madcatz replaces them.

Honestly, having this options was a Godsend, as in me not having to pay $150 then an extra $50 to swap out for Seimitsu parts.


^^bingo imo. Pick up an SE and if you aren’t happy with the stock parts try to get an srk member to send you replacement parts.


I’ve been looking in the trading outlet lately, if you’re not too picky on colors, you can pick up 6 sanwas and a jlf for about $45 shipped. Gamingnow comes close to that, not sure what shipping to Argentina would be though. Doesn’t Amazon ship there, it would surprise me if it didn’t. You can find TE sticks there fairly cheap.


Yea, get the SE. It’s cheap…it works. If you like it and want it to be better, you can spend the 50 bucks plus shipping for sanwas.


SE is awesome. I didn’t care much for the stock parts, but hey, they worked and I didn’t complain.

In my opinion, modded SE > TE

The case is very lap-friendly and is small enough to consider “portable”.


I wasn’t feeling the buttons so i swapped em for some sanwas, other then that its a great stick.


My buttons jammed after 3 days, I would suggest just swapping out the buttons and stick


This. Don’t even bother with the SE buttons. They are unresponsive and of poor quality. Even if you decide to use them, they will wear out quickly. Save yourself the trouble and buy real buttons.


I have an SE stick, after playing with it for a month the stock stick lost a lot of jump, and the buttons are mushy and unresponsive. So when I went over to Japan for vacation i went and grab a crap load of Sanwa parts and modded it, the issue is that the parts are so crappy…the stick was so difficult to take apart (the square gate clip doesnt have enuf give to unlock, so i ended up drilling and breaking the gate to get those bolts out of the stick) and the buttons broken when i was unplugging them. However after swapping the parts now the stick is amazing =D So if you don’t mind modding yourself SE stick is just fine imo.