SE stick joystick stops working

I modded my se stick with sanwa parts about a month ago. it was working perfectly fine until the joystick suddenly stops working. I tried reconnecting the fight stick , restarting the xbox, and even opened up the stick to see if the plug was out, and tried connecting with other joystick but no luck. I have no idea why the joystick stop responding all the sudden…all the buttons work tho…any help?

Check your switches. Is it on DP, LS, or RS? Default is DP.
Otherwise it could be the PCB.

sorry, but wats pcb?

The circuit board.

^ it probably is the pcb. my SE stick has the same problems but it goes out sometimes. my directions are fucked up here and there (i.e. a certain direction will go out for a little bit). the pcb is the circuit board, the thing that has the 4 red switches on it. maybe you have used your stick too much? the switches have a life expectancy or somethin like that. after a certain amount of clicks or some shit they start dying/wearing out.

Requesting guide to PCB replacement! I have no idea where to start…lil help here! :\

Take a picture of the PCB and I’ll see what I can do.