SE Stick; loose metal (top) panel


The metal panel on my SE stick has come loose. It’s only on the slanted lower portion of the stick, but it’s loose enough (and sharp enough) that it’s uncomfortable for my wrists. The top portion of the panel is still firmly attached, namely where the screws keep the panel firmly attached to the stick.

Assuming that I want to keep the vinyl art on the stick, is superglue my best option to get the slanted part of the metal panel back onto the stick? The panel hasn’t actually dislodged enough for me to even get access under it (it looks like only about half of the panel protrudes above the surrounding lip) but I need to do something, since it’s goddamned unpleasant to have a nice sharp piece of metal rubbing against my wrists continually.


Screw it back down?


It’s already screwed down (as I already mentioned). The part that is dislodged is the lower part of the stick, where the bend occurs.

I’m not talking about a TE stick, and it sounds like that’s what you think this is. This is the SE stick, with a slanted lower piece for the wrists to rest on.

The lower part is loose. There are no screws on the lower part to keep it affixed to the stick.

The top part is tight. There are screws on the top part, and they are working as intended.


As I already mentioned, screw it down.

Drill holes, countersink, screw or bolt.


That would destroy the vinyl art on the stick. Even if I used a blow dryer to try to remove the art in one piece, it’s still a tricky operation and would still result in bubbles when reapplying.

Do you have a suggestion that keeps the vinyl intact? I want to keep the vinyl art on the stick. Also as I already mentioned.

If this pisses you off, please take it privately with me. I did my best to state my problem succinctly and clearly, and it doesn’t seem as if you truly read what I wrote, rather than glossing over it. My apologies if this offends you.


If you think there’s another & better way to do it then good luck, dude.


The glue that was there already there must have came loose just carefully from inside the case pry the plastic from the lower metal sction just enough to apply some good quality super glue/epoxy then flip over the case use a wood or plastic clamp and clamp to a table and let it set