Se stick mounting plate

Does this plate look good for the Siemitsu Ls-32-01 Stick?

Yes, it will fit the LS-32-02. You will need to rotate the mounting plate 90 degrees though.

Is that the LS-32-1 's S-Plate? or the Stock SE Plate?

I’m getting the LS-32-1 myself and I’m wondering about the difficulty of Modding my SE Stick with it.

That’s the stock mounting location on the SE stick. All of them look like that.

That is the stock one.

Do you mean turn it with my hand or do I have to disassemble it? I dont know what that means

you should be able to take the gate off and rotate the pcb

You’re going to have to unscrew the mounting plate from the top of the joystick, rotate it 90 degrees, and screw it back on.

This also works, and you’ll probably be taking off the PCB anyways so you can screw in the mounting plate to the brackets.

IS this difficult to do? I am a noob at this stuff

From start to finish, if you’re swapping out your joystick and buttons, shouldn’t take you more than an hour. Everything can be done with a phillips and flathead screwdriver. It’s all straight forward.

Yeah but rotating the pcb on the stick is easy right?

Looking at this video: [media=youtube]d_A65CLmcHI&feature=PlayList&p=BDEC0E72AC5926C6&index=5[/media]

I know understand. I see the green board has the pins on the bottom and you need to rotate it to the right. Ah, is it as simple as unscrewing those 4 screws?


This probably could have gone in the universal SE modding thread you know.