SE Stick Not Recognized

I currently have an SE stick that is not recognized by the Ps3 at all. If I plug it into the computer, it’ll see the stick but will not register inputs either.

Wondering if it’s a bad pcb and what my options are now.


Have you done any modding on this stick?

PS3 Mad Catz Sticks have compatibility issues with certain PC USB cards and on-board USB on motherboards.
PS3 Madcatz sticks are made to function off the USB protocol UCHI, many motherboards with non-intel or Via chipsets have this issue. Especially AMD motherboards.

Incompatibility symptoms are Stick is detected but input is not registered.

The work around for PC are UHCI compliant USB cards and 3rd pary drivers like Xpadder.

If you PC is detecting the Stick, that is a good sign. More than likely you have a damage USB cord and not a bad PCB. Try a USB cord replacement first. That should solve your Problem of your stick working with the PS3.

The symptoms were the same before I swapped out the buttons and stick, PC seeing the stick but not registering inputs. Darksakul, what steps would I have to take to replace the USB cord? I don’t even know where to get another cord.

what motherboard do you have on your PC?

Not really sure, but does it really matter? My problem is the Ps3 not recognizing the stick.

We’re doing a differential diagnosis of your stick right now. If your stick works on PC, and not the PS3, it means something. If it works on neither, it means something.

If it was never supposed to work on the PC in the first place, then it means nothing. But for the above two possibilities to mean anything, the last needs to be ruled out. Get it?

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