SE Stick problem


Basically when ever I crouch block, or some times dirrection jump, it doesn’t work. This only applies to the left.(as he guarding left, or jumping left.) I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on and could help me remedy the situation.


sounds like the washer scratched up your pcb did you glue your washer down before you started to use it?

also i think theres a thread on SE related stuff already


Did you do the washer mod?

edit: beat’d.


No I have not. It still works, but on occasion it doesn’t pick it up. Is there a guide for the mod, cause I’ll get some super glue tomorrow. I’m thinking if it’s the washer t might just be hitting two pcbs at once and not picking it up. I took it apart earlier and it didn’t seem to have any scratches on it, but I don’t wanna go around super gluing stuff and screw my stick up. So a guide would greatly help. But yeah, I’m upgrading the stick soon, so it’s not too big of a deal if I mess up the joy stick. I just wanna have something to use before I upgrade it.


If its your washer, its already too late, and the washer has started to grind through the PCB.

edit: I just re-read your post, and you said you’ve opened it up. So, your warranty is voided and Mad Catz will not fix it.


I haven’t seen a guide for the actual gluing of the washer but you just super glue it down and make sure no glue gets on the stick itself. what i did is propped up the washer with a screw driver and with my free hand put little drops around the edges

edit: shadydentist he said he had already opened it up which mean he voided his warranty so i dont know maybe madcatz will take it back doubt it though


Madcatz only took 8 days from the day they received it to put my TE back in my hands.


Well, I opened it up and the washer wasn’t really moving around. It kinda popped up on one side when I move it, but it didn’t go all crazy when I moved it and grind stuff. So that’s why I’m thinking it’s just popping up and hitting two PCB’s at the same time and canceling out, or something.(Don’t know, I’m a scrub with arcade stick stuff)

Also, if it is fucked up, I’m ordering a sanwa joy stick and buttons soon, so it’d easier just to wait for that.


I am pretty sure the washer is not supposed to move at all


Getting a new joystick will be your best bet bro.


I guess I can try and fix it tomorrow, but if it doesn’t work I can always wait for my new joy stick.

@Lasers - Yeah, a new joy stick would remedy the entire situation, but places like Lizard Lick have been selling out insanely quick now a days.


yup i did the washer mod as soon as i got my SE to hold me over but i am waiting on my Semitsu stick and sanwa buttons from gremlin solutions


Order from modchipman, air mail


Ok, to anyone who cares from yesterday, looks like I lucked out. The PCB wasn’t scratched and ever since I glued down the washer it hasn’t been giving me any problems. So I’m good to go until I get my new joystick.


nice your pcb would of defiantly would of been scratched with time if you didnt glue that sucker down


Luckily the previous owner was my brother and he didn’t play it all too much. And when he does, he’s not an aggressive player. Plus, he told me he had just recently started having the problem, so I’m happy I got it from him when I did. Lucky bastard is getting a TE stick, though. Which is why I have his now. xD


get a fightpad!!!


HAHA! thats good I’m pretty sure if he felt more comfortable and better with a fight pad he would of got one


Is it really this simple to do this with the SE? I have seen some affordable ones on Ebay and will pick one up if fixing it is this simple. Or do you think the ones on Ebay are from the fixed batch?


Yeah the fix is easy and highly documented on other threads on SRK. As far as the ‘fixed batch’ I am not sure about how or if you can tell the difference other then opening it up. They are easy to swap out parts with sanwa or seimitsu if you go that route (you probably will)