SE Stick (Xbox 360) sporadically available for store pickup at Fry's

If there’s a Fry’s nearby, they seem to have a few SE Sticks available for store pickup every couple days or so. I decided to pick up only one for myself, but I’ve seen several show up at nearby stores in past couple of weeks. San Diego seems to have at least one right now.;jsessionid=ifj7MXcB2gpG8MyvdvW0RQ**.node3?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

Three of the Fry’s near me supposedly had them for in-store pickup. I tried two, and another one of my friends tried the third one. It was a no-go - we were told that the system listed 1 available at each location, but that was an error and that they were stock that was “unaccounted for”… whatever that means.

Aww dang, when them stick first came out, there was a bunch at the Fry’s in Fremont. Should’ve bought them all out and cash in on hype!

I’ve had that happen where it shows as available, but my order for store pickup wouldn’t go through. So I called the store and I was told that they had several in stock but that my order got rejected because they were being sold on a first-come first-serve basis and they weren’t allowing the in store pickup… So I think if a store shows some as available but your order won’t go through, try calling the store to see if they have them out for sale on a first-come first serve basis. However at another store, I was able to get one through the store pickup option so I guess it just depends on the store.