SE Stick


as far as playability and comfort goes, how would you compare the SE to the TE? My TE is out of commission right now ( made posts about it before, soldering is a pain in the ass) and I need a stick to hold me over for the MvC3 release until I buy a new TE. Now, I do have spare sanwa parts that I can drop into the SE if I were to purchase one. I just need to know :

1: Is it stable while playing on your lap
2: Is it comfortable compared to the TE ( The TE was very comfortable)
3: Does it feel as durable as the TE, in terms of weight?



1-Not as stable as the TE but stable
2-Its okay, I like the curved control panel though so it makes table play pretty great
3-Not really, its extremely light but not too light.

If you find it on sale, you won’t be disappointed.


its smaller and lighter, and comes with all the drawbacks (and benefits) of being smaller and lighter.

Functionally though when modded there is no difference.