Se stock joystick balltop wont come off

the balltop for my se just wont come off. i hold the back screw in place and twist the balltop but its just not coming off. after about 5 mins of twisting theres seems to be no progress.

im holding the screw in place wit a flathead and twisting the ball. ill try doing it the other way around

There was a thread about this but I can’t find it. A few people have said the same thing. Try getting a paid of pliers and a towel. Grip the shaft with it and try to unscrew it that way.

i wonder… which way should i be twisting? looking straight down at the ball, clockwise or counter clockwise?

Is it on a JLF? If not, just take the gate off of the stock stick and it should come off much easier.

I tried to take mine off my JLF, but it wouldn’t. So I just gave up.


i dont see how that would help getting the ball off, but worth a try. i was thinking of taking the whole joystick apart piece by piece and then removing the shaft from the top with the ball still attached

i though it could be counter clockwise. everytime i twist that direction a squeaky sound comes out

From that other thread I read it sounded like the ball was spinning in place because the part inside the ball, the threaded receptacle, is spinning inside the ball and not the thread.

Time to order a replacement shaft if so.

If it is not twisting at all, then you can remove the shaft. Remove e clip, stick the bottom of shaft in a metal vise with wood to protect the shaft. Then get a wood clamp around the ball top. Twist that bitch. That is the extreme way.

I had the same problem with my stock joystick…eventually I used pliers to grip the stick and the ball unscrewed right off. I didnt damage the stick but I ordered a JLF anyways since theyre much better

this actually might be the problem. i can see the shaft is not twisting at all when i twist the ball so i should have that part right. unfortuneately, i dont have anything strong enough to hold the balltop or the shaft with that much power

tried and didnt work. i could see the shaft was completely stationary when i was twisting the ball

i think now i’m gonna have to try and disassemble the joystick somehow so that i can remove the shaft topside. anybody got suggestions? those screws are pretty hard to reach

To remove the Shaft, all you need to do is take off the Clip at end of Shaft.
Once you do, Shaft will just slide off from the top with Ball Top.

Spring can fly off, so take off the Actuator slowly.
Spring is under/inside the Actuator.

Actuator is after the Clip.

At the other end of Joystick, there is a Pivot.
When you remove the Shaft, the Pivot may get out of its hole.

oh… was that really all i had to do? i was looking for a way to get those screws off for about an hour. i could in no way manage to get those screws off so i just decided to use a hammer to shatter the ball. funny thing is that the ball wouldnt shatter and just kept getting giant bumps and bruises. but then i noticed that the ball was loose and the the ball twisted right off…

heres a pic of one of the sides of the ball after i was done with it
it kind looks like a face lol

btw, wat clip are you talking about? the only clips i see are the ones holding down the gate

Lefty loosey tighty righty

theres a clip in the shape of the c right under the part where you stick a screw driver in to unscrew the ball. you remove that clip and the whole stick like dissassembles itself

Yes, like Aeons said.
There is a Clip right where you put screwdriver in slot.

It holds the whole Joystick together.

Clip at the end.

Picture by chippermonky.

Reminds me of the moon, or the Falling planet from Majora’s Mask.