SE Super Glue Question


I understand that there is a sticky for modding the SE stick already, but I doubt anyone will read my post on the 43rd page. (no exaggeration)

 So I've been reading that you can avoid alot of headaches with the SE stick by super glueing the washer down. I know nothing about sticks. (this is my 1st one) So I would rather have someone give me some pointers before I void my warranty. 

 I've been searching on the forums and youtube but everything is about modding the buttons or swapping the stick. I don't know which washer exactly I'm looking for or how to get to it. Any help would be appreciated.


Yeah, its actually quite simple I did it myself and i had never had a joystick before either and didnt really know what I was doing but it was easy :slight_smile:

Take a look at this video first: [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI[/media]

At the very beginning it shows you how to take off the gate and pcb. Then you see that silver ring just below the stick? Thats the washer you need to glue down.

To do this go to 2:35 in the video it shows you how to remove the stick (once you have teh actuator and spring off you can just pull the joystick out, once you remove the stick you have full access to that washer (you get a good view of the washer at 2:52-53 and its very simple just to glue it down :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, this video shows you how to get the stick out of the SE in the first place at 2:49 - [media=youtube]vXUrTS22fmw&feature=related[/media]


Thanks A Lot!