Se/te/hrap/ex2 working pc drivers

Have you ever fantacised about playing some fighters on mame, using a hot new arcade stick that just hit the market? but come to find that something as easy as plugging it in to your computer is causing more headaches than a jackhammer outside your bedroom window at 3am?

after banging my head against a wall for the last 4 hours straight for about a month ,
Vandutch and Myself came up with a way to get these sticks working on windows systems, here is the guide, also you can email me at for files if you would like,

we can also assist in getting the proper codes for your stick…



I did not write the code or develope these programs


scroll down a bit and Download both of these files that are listed as


DELETE ALL PREVIOUS XBOX DRIVERS (this includes previous versions of XBCD, and all Microsoft drivers)
DELETE all INF FIles of previous XBCD installs, and go to add remove hardware to get rid of
Microsoft game utilities 1.1 or whatever you dl from MS for x360 pc support

HAVING any of this stuff will make your life a living hell

1-RUn XBCD setup first before you ever plug in the controller

2-Run xbcd fix file next

3- go to wherever you have installed xbcd+, and look for the folder named “DRIVER”

4- open up the INF file and add code to the bottom of the list of supported devices … it will look like such:

%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000D ; Hori Stick EX2
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0F0D&PID_0016 ; REALARCADEPRO.EX
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4718 ; Arcade Stick (Street Fighter IV FightStick)

5- save the file, then go to the “EXEC” folder and hit update drivers

6- Plug in your controller

7- then just update drivers as normal by going to

Device manager > hardware

find x360 controllers it will usually be near the bottom.

Expand this to select your device

>> update driver

select from a list

>> no i have the driver… deselct choices

DESELECT CHOICES<<<<< i cannot stress this enough, if a choice is selected,
when you hit browse it will sometimes cause driver conflicts and give u a headache after you have reinstalled
the same thing 80 billion times >>>>>

>> then select the wherever you have placed the xbcd . inf file that you edited in the steps above, OR
the include xbcd . inf file that i have included for SE useres

8- go to CONTROLL PANNEL >> Game controllers to to double check that the stick is working

9- IF THIS STEP DOESNT Work something went wrong:::::
>>>>>>>>> Go to start menu, look for programs XBCD SETUP UTILITY, if everything worked appropriatly your stick
will register movements, buttons will light up, etc… steps 8&9 are the most crucial part


if you can look for the horixbox360fighting stick ex2 profile for xbcd, this has some changes
that allow MAME to recognize these and other sticks for people… SUCH as POV to hat or is it Hat to pov, whatev

Being as i did this with the MADCATZ SE Fightstick, i just switch the actual stick itself to LS, and skip mapping
buttons, MAME will recognize it, just hit tab and map your stuff there…

ALL CRED for this stuff working goes to
> the guys who made xbcd,xbcd+, redclouds versions of XBCD
>Norsemen (shoryuken formus) - making it work
>vandutch (shoryuken forums) - providing the coding to make the sticks work

As always lets keep this open, and keep bumping this thread, if anyone feels like adding to it just post a reply

It’s just plug and play for PS3.

I swear I’m not trying to troll, but are people having problems with the Microsoft 360 drivers? They worked fine on the two Mad Catz pads I’ve owned.

Here’s a link for 32-bit and 64-bit.

The PS3 stick is apparently hit and miss for Windows detection. My SE stick worked fine for me on my old Dell running XPSP3. Others haven’t been as lucky which is why there’s a thread about it.

to answer your question, no x360 sticks are not necisarily plug and play with the computers, same thing with ps3 sticks, some are << alot are not hence why there are about 20 posts on this same subject

i have 3 different computers with partitiond hard drives running,

windows xp sp2, windows xp sp3, linux, free bsd, mac osx 10.4, etc etc

point is on some systems it is all coming down to drivers and software issues, sadly

I’m having problems with MAME32 0.119 detecting my SF4 TE stick. Windows XP recognizes the stick fine because when I go to control panel -> game controllers and test the stick, the buttons on screen light up.

This is my exact error in MAME:
DirectInput: Unable to set absolute mode for joystick 0 (Arcade Stick (Street Fighter IV FightStick TE))

Any help? :frowning:

cheers, this worked for my brother’s SE :slight_smile:

urm i got mine to detect but how do you set keys

This isn’t working on my TE on vista 32…

Couldnt download the files

Same here. Does anybody know what to do ?

i have problem with mame and sfIV fighstick se xbox360 with mame.
with windows xp 32, vista sp2 x64 and windows 7 x64 rc1, windows recognize the fighstick (the button and the stick moviment work) but in mame only work the keys but don’t work the stick ( i can’t move nothing).

help me!!!

in mame type in 1 2 3 real fast and then set up your keys

Note: dont use the number pad

So its hit and miss for the PS3 SE to work on a PC?

i didn’t need the above drivers, i just plugged it and play…vista 64 bit did the rest of the work for me.

I am also having this exact problem.

The files are down. Can anyone reupload them?

As Kyokuji said, the files are down. Anywhere to find XBCD+ 0.4? Google doesn’t yield results.

anybody care to re-upload those files?? i need some help in getting my TE stick to work in PC too!!

Me too, I don’t like the microsoft drivers (doesn’t work with Touhou :frowning: )

I have Vista home 32bit, I used the ‘microsoft common controller for windows’ for mame. My TE and ex2 both work perfectly on it.