SE/TE mounting bracket


Can someone help me out with a mounting bracket diagram or measurement from one of these sticks

I want to attach a jlf or ls-32 to a metal panel but the jlf is entirely to tall to attach directly to the panel so I need a mounting bracket and i have a guy who may be able to fabricate one but I just need the measurements. If anyone can pop there case open and snap a pic or something i’d really appreciate it


Why do you need one fabricated? The mounting plate that comes with the TE/SE are readily made to fit a Sanwa JLF. Just pop the old one off and put it on the new one. Easy Peasy.


Took 1 twist of my screwdriver to completely obliterate the mounting plate screw on mine. It’s not so simple.


Despite everyone’s complaints, my screws came off with ease. Just need the right kind of screw driver. In any case, if your screws are stripped, use a dremel with a tiny bit and drill it out. I’d imagine if you were taking the mounting plate off, it’s because you’re replacing it anyway.

Other than the service being free, I’d still rather just order a mounting plate from lizard lick to avoid the hassle of trying to find dimensions and all that. Don’t JLF sticks come with mounting plates anyway? Just my .02


yeah i think the sticks with the plates are about the same as without so just get the jlf with the plate and itll save some hassle for sure.


He doesnt want a mounting plate, He want the bracket that the mounting plate is attached too. He most likely has a flat metal panel and wants to mount the stick at a proper mounting height. He was thinking of getting the mounting bracket that is inside the SE/TE sticks fabricated. Here is my solution because i also had this problem once. Go to home depot and go to the section where they sell floor paneling. They will have boxes were they sell samples of the flooring for one dollar. These pieces of wood are about 6 to 9 mm thick. Just the right height needed and is easier to cut and drill than metal and are strong as hell. Just mount this over your mounting plate and attach it to your metal panel.


thanks buyproduct now that i think about it ive seen that method somewhere before ill research it a little more