SE vs TE help!

So I own an SE madcatz right now and I’m thinking about changing to the TE stick. If you did this can you help me with the pro’s and cons and why I should go for the TE or not?

Thanks guys!

Sanwa Buttons/Stick

SE COULD be modded to be similar to TE

Also Art could be either Pro or Con

jus get the TE its only 100 bucks

my bros has the se and i have the te, i find the se a bit clicky and not as comfortable as the te, overall i much prefer the te stick its a better product in everyway and feels great, the se’s great until you try the tournament edition, then theres no going back!

SE is good because it is smaller and easier to carry around for travel. It is easy to mod it with sanwa parts to match the TE.

TE is heavier and doesnt move as much when using it on your lap. The art is easy to switch out using Art’s plexi.

If you have the SE and like the smaller formfactor, just get a JLF and Sanwa buttons and switch them out.

While you cannot get plexiglass cover from tek-innovations for the SE, you can photoshop a template and get it printed at It all comes down to the shape of the case that you prefer, weight preference, and if a cable storage compartment is important for you.

Yeah, the SE is pretty simple to modify. The buttons and the joystick can be upgraded to the same ones in the TE (echoing everyone else here). I pretty much agree with all of the pros and cons listed here so far.

I would definitely get the TE if you have some extra cash. Got both the SE and TE and they’re both solid sticks, but only if the SE is modded. So if you don’t feel like modding your stick (assuming you haven’t already) get the TE.

haha I got 1 purple sanwa button on my SE stick. But I bought the TE now thanks guys!

I have both and prefer the TE as well. The SE is solid, I have mine modded with a JLF and Seimitsu buttons, it just comes down to the fact that the SE isn’t comfortable for me when I play with it in my lap. The TE just is so large it works perfectly. Now If I play with my stick on a table or something, they both perform similarly.