Sea Leaf Dojo: Website for Finding Players


Hey everyone, I made a site to try and make finding other players easier. Check it out on:

Since this is a brand new site, I have very few registered users. It would be awesome if you guys can register so that the searches will return users.

For a demo on how the site works, search in the [Los Angeles, California] area for games such as Street Fighter V. I have a few users registered in that region.

Main features of the site include:

  1. A search engine that allows users to find players based on location, game, character and skill level. I have 50 games available and will be adding more.
  2. A messaging system to communicate between players.

If we can get this site running, I think it can benefit a variety of players:

  1. New players can find people of similar skill level at nearby locations. I think this can help ease new players in and grow the community.
  2. Veterans can have an easier time finding practice partners for certain match ups. (No more excuses kekeke)
  3. Players of older and niche games can have an easier time finding people to play with. I personally play a variety of games and always wished I can find someone out there to play games like Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

I hope you guys see some potential and sign up! I am continuously working on it so I would love to get some suggestions and feedback!

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