SEA vs PDX 5v5 @ Bragging Rights, Who is interested in fighting for a spot?


Like the title says, who in Seattle is interested in playing for a spot on the team? Get at me.

Those interested:
Gorman (Why I started calling him by his last name I have no idea)
Mark Santos

With 12 ppl so far I’m going to form up 2 “teams” (When/if we hit 15, I’ll add another 5 man team)

Team A - Mickey (Ryu), Gorman (Honda), Trace (Sagat), Carlos (Akuma), Jeff (Viper) Cloudfan (Rufus)
Team B - Riki (Bison), DeLucifer (Blanka), Jodo (Fuerte), Ghrrk (Sagat), Jared (Seth) Mark (Geif)

PDX stay out of here =p.




Chief Executive Officer of the Shadaloo Intimidation Network is going to be playing for a spot.


I’m looking to push a few of them out of circles, aye.




I’m down to fight for a spot…when, where and how though?


both states are free /thread.




We’ll see what happens when I’m not so noob at this game Mr. “Both-states-are-free”.


I know I’m PDX, but should each team have team captains? If so expect me to be PDX’s team captain(Tekken).


future…you’re in one of those states…futures just said he’s free/that is all.


This is a street fighter thing…


The last 5 posts by RickClops have been more insightful than yours. Think about that before you decide to post again please.


Ill be working for a spot


must be “off-season”.


Keep that bullshit outta here.


Awesome responses on all sides…in all honesty a step forward please? Frank I would suggest making a new post and an edit to the OP concerning who’s willing to play for spots and who’s trying to go to this event as well.

On a different note, I too am interested in a spot for the team, however am not quite 100% sure that I’ll be going.

At any rate, I think that there should be a designated list towards who wants a spot/who is going.


love the spirit, i just hope you know, as in the words of alex! “I don’t Lose” - but just like alex that shit aint true T_T


Updated first post. With list of people that posted as well as I’ve talked to about getting on this team.


On a different note, it’s pretty obvious that there are going to be a good handful of people coming down. Because of this, I wanted to ask, what is the criteria to make the team? Will we be playing against each other for spots? Drawing straws or picking names out of a hat? I’m just curious as to what you’ve got in store for us Frank.

And for that matter, who is Gorman? You might want to put gamer tags up with names.