SEA'13 (South East Asia Major)



So do we have any SG natives and/or travelling Juri’s attending this major?

AFAIK the Yubiken tribe are going which means Shin will be in attendance, and I will too. Seems like this year is my world tour haha.


isn’t younashi also part of the Yubiken team ?


I don’t believe so, though if he is - I haven’t heard anything about his attendance.


How did it go? Unfortunately, I started a new job last week (and am still broke), so I couldn’t commit.

Twitch TV sucked for most of Saturday too, so I didn’t get to watch a lot.


Twitch tv was dead for me too and as far as i know shin couldnt attend either and I havent seen genki on stream :frowning:


I played like shit, Shin didn’t attend as he just got a new job and was unable to get the time off. Our Australian team got 3rd in the team tournament though the stream setup was so laggy i literally felt like i couldn’t do anything and got absolutely fucking stomped by mike ross. other than it was amazing! I stayed with kichiken, he said my juri is on par with shin and that my feng shui is a lot better than his. made me blush :stuck_out_tongue: