Sealing up turbo/guide on SE

I know I saw a post somewhere, someone used some jb weld to seal up the turbo area on his SE, sanded it down and painted it a school bus yellow, but can’t track it down. Question I have is what is a good material to use to fill the hole with the weld? I’d like to seal this thing up and make it look good enough to not need artwork on top of it, so I’d like to be able to sand it down smooth enough that priming and painting(maybe a bit of bondo/spackle) would hide any trace of it.

From the people who brings you JB Weld there is J-B STIK, a epoxy putty.
Bondo would also work, but with what ever you choose you have to remember to sand the surface smooth and you have to paint or use art to cover up the patch. I wouldn’t use Spackle.

Would you be able to putty over a hole that size though? I’d still need a sheet of metal to fill in most of that gap, not really sure what would be the right thing to use. Did not know JB had a putty form though, would be much easier, thanks.