Sean:Basketball Unblockables/Unparryables

I was playing with Sean for some time and I think what makes him competitive is…

*Shoryu cannon has more invincibility frames than Shinshoryuken
*Basketball is excellent parry bait
*Tackle counters “high” attacks(ken’s axe kick
*basketball can create unblockables/unparriables
*basketball can create a free grab on wake up
*axekick counters fireballs/ *late Shoryuken(have to predict them shooting the fireball
*axekick counters jump in(early)
*sean has the quickest grab in the game
*Sean has one of the fastest back dash

Sean isn’t bottom tier either :lame: Basketball unblockables and unparryables make him at least top-mid or middle mid tier.Sean really is just a ryu counter. He counters Ryu in every way.


Are you high? I would agree with 2, maybe 3 of those points at max.

Pick Pink Sean , everything he does is unblockable, even his dash…

nahh he has A LOT of risk in his attacks but he does have some unblockables with basketball.

You basically have to counter other people in thier moves.Soon as you can do that we’ll he goes to about bottom middle tier. He’s about as good as ryu. Seeing how he counter him.



Yah, that’s what makes him mid tier.

When I play Sean I use SAII belive it or not. It gives Sean a fighting chance with a good anti-air. But about the basketball setups its only good for keeping an opponent grounded then mixup with the headbutt or Crouching LK LK Shoryucannon/Haduburst. I’ve seen every character in a tourny video…besides Sean btw, even Twelve who is lower on a tier than Sean. If anybody has any good Sean vids feel free to post them :tup:

I have some Sean vids of this cat named Sean P in Japan, which are pretty good. And SA II is the best imo, have you seen my posts in the other Sean threads about the unblockable after SAII?

he actually does have a semi-infinite agianst everyone except ken.

which is…???

its a basketball wake-up corner trap…