Sean/Dudley AV request

Hey could someone hook me up with an AV that has Sean and dudley in it? The pic for sean is Rather large but im sure it can be resized and could his uniform be in pink?

^^thats for sean.

Heres the Dudley image.

Could you put Waggs in it? if possible. Also Make the backround however you would like.

Thanks in advance this is very meaningful to me becuase my AV right now (made by ME) is awful. I know its sad. Anyways thanks a lot.



would look better in premium

Really. Ok. Can soemone hook me up with a Duds AV? Pref in his Green and Silver uniform.

? anyone?

those are really shitty pictures of them i got a pretty sweet picture of dudley if ytou want

Yo hook me up bud!!! Idk post it here of PM me! Thanks a lot man!

Really?? I think those are some of the dopes sf art ever made.