Sean is my main need help

Well his dp is not as bad as I thought it would be(if timed right and used upclose and as an AA). But are there some reliable combos he can do to build meter? I mean he has like no combos(but he’s the strongest shoto per hit) and some of his moves are crazy slow.I need some advice.

In case you ask:I don’t want to play anyone other than Sean, elena and Remy.

heres my advice. Go play Elena or Remy

I Totally Agree.

Elena is a fun Character, I played her, Didn’t last long, But er… Yeah.

Does the SA2 roll unblockable work on everyone?

He’s one of my mains too. Along with Dudley and Alex of course :3

He has only one tru combo. mp xx hk. Other than that, he doesn’t have combos, except for his light attacks or a normal into a dragon smash or lk or EX tornado kick. He doesn’t any big meter-building combos, but only small few hiters that build an ok amount. As far as AA’s go, Dragon Smash, s.HP, and c.HP are his best options. s.HK (close), s.HP (close), f. HP, s.MP (close), and sometimes c.MP (use it like u would with ken) are pretty much his only meaties that are kinda safe. Oh yea EX Dragon Smash is his only attack that even considers beating meaties on wakeup. If u want to know any more, check out the other threads where pretty much me and Bodler (my boy, he has a good sean too) pretty much post Sean info from time to time or u can PM either me or Bodler.

Thanks man your the first person here who helped me out on this.

Thank you.

Does the SA roll unblockable work on everyone?
Do you have to time it right?

when you use Sean dont just think Combo, think more mixups and mindgames, thats his strong point.

Hes 100 percent difrent then the other shotos.

And last but not least, dont let people tell you u wont get far with Sean, cos thats a part of why nobody goes far with Sean…

and i dont know about ur question cos i only use his sa3

Does his SA2 unblockable work on everyone?

Hey Bodler! PM me for some matches online soon! I got my net fixed and i installed this kickass router. Cnt wait to get on kaillera.

But i think the unblockable ur talking about ,3SJ, involves using SA1 i think, either that or SA2. It involves the ball too if I remember correctly. It only works on Urien bcuz he is of proper height so u can roll, get right behind him, and when the ball hit, u have enought time to hit. Other than that, he has no true unblockable, just somewhat ones with his ball, only thing that is, is Sean has to attack a certain way based on how the opponent defends against the ball for it to work. If they block high go low. If low, go for overhead, if parry, then do a high, low, throw, or move away. If they move away, the ball was times wrong and u just resume fighting however u see fit. rushing usually isnt the answer tho, unless u r good at reading moves.

Does parrying stops your upward acceleration in a super jump?

no u still keep momentum. Best things to do if u parry in air is to immediately attack right after the parry. It stops their momentum. The opponent can parry u or regather otherwise. Sorry for misspelling the name.

You’re going to get eaten alive by anyone who option parries when they jump if you use that ghetto ass dp.

Depends on the strength of the punch. The lp version isn’t that bad in that circumstance. The lp Dragon Smash is very low, so u would have to parry late. Most ppl jump and anticipate a parry either on the way up or near the climax of the jump. Maybe slightly lower, but thats it. It would surprise ppl that u have to think a little later to parry that. Even then, dont use thaat every time. s.HP at a distance and c.HP are other better options.

i play sean from time to time…mix-ups are the key…i like to use his target combo as an anti-air…best SA’s are 1 and 3…1 for beginners and 3 for seasoned seans imo…i use 3.try to trick your opponent with incomplete sean tackle. his over head does good stun too…hmmm…im starting to remember how fun it is to use sean…

All can be used by anyone, as long as u know what connects to it or when its the right time. The SA1 has a few ways it can be linked that the other ones cant (i.e. c.LK x 3, 3 weak crouching moves, and his strongest one, (j. HP) s.HP, MP Dragon Smash xx SA1). Its also good for wakeup. The SA2 has priority over most moves in the games PERIOD. U have to be closer to connect and cannot combo much into it, so u get good damage from it. SA3 has a few more hit confirms that SA2, but not as much as SA1. He is so fun to use.

Remember dominate The Parries,and some good strats like some bird kick spamming doesn’t harm so much…Use SA1 as your basic super…and remember find the crossup j.Hk,Mp and HK as your basic offensive strategy.

standing MK is a decent poke…alot of people i play against get annoyed by this as it seems to beat some normals out


use any SA as long as u remember what combos u can link it too and the best uses for it. SA2 or SA1 IMO is best to use. SA3 is really risky. NEVER SPAM THE BIRD KICK FROM FAR RANGE!!! You will get raped almost every time. Time it either to mixup high low (close mixup) or to catch a person’s move in the air. s.HP and s.HK and c.MK are better pokes for Sean. s.MK is good, but the advantage isn’t too great. HP is strongest and HK up close is one of his best meaties. Get a crossup if u can but do not look for that the whole fight. Mixup your attacks, don’t rush in all the time, be patient, and take advantage of any and all mistakes. Remember this, and Sean can be a threat.

Ey yall dont forget about cl. hk, its one of the best meaties in the game and you have time to hit confirm into super.

Use mp hk as an anti air parry

and is that the unblockable you talking about?