Sean SA2 Reset.

I was playing today when i used SA2 on ken in the corner then i proceeded to hit standing mk. It connected and acted as a reset, now would this work on other characters? i havnt checked yet.

it works on most characters, you can even do close.rk and link into another sa2, it doest do much extra dmg but its fun to pull off.
Also you can do Crouching FP when they are coming down from a SA2 in the corner on chars like hugo and Alex, but standing close RK is the most damaging.

Close.Fp xx Fierce dragonsmash xx sa2 into close rk xx sa2 into close rk does decent dmg and will make people shit there pants seeing Sean do a 28 hit combo

Can you hit a lp,mp DS,SA2,mp(timed right),mp,rh tornado

Does that dizzy after the tornado?


I know on PS2…

lp,mp DS,SA2,rh or mp or mk(when there lower)

…works I just want to know if rh or mp can combo into another rh tornado after the SA2.