Sean Sketch


Here’s my quick 'n dirty sketch of Sean, the forgotten Shoto:


i dont care what anyone says thats the best sketch i every seen:D great job man:D

oh yeah and he’s not forgotten, he’ll be back soon


Very nice. Mind if I place it on my Sean website?

Sean’s Vizinhana


Nice stuff as usual. Cut off some of the back cranium. Put some shadow in the eye socket area and the brow area. Since he is close to being profile the eyes should look almost profile like but not quite. In my attachment will explain. Overall very nice work and pose as usual. Peace.


Go for it. :slight_smile:

SFMC: Thanks for the tips! It’s pretty amazing how much of an improvement your quick edits make.


its cool pic, what sfmc said


thats one of my faviorite sites…im a big sean fan:rolleyes:


omg i love it… the muscle detail… the seanness of it all… 133223/10!


very nice pic, you have great talent.


Excellent job Rushmore, always love your stuff (the Sakura one you have as your avatar is still my favorite, though I recall an old Mai piece you did as well).



pic looks good. Nice pose, makes him look more dangerous than usual :slight_smile: Muscles on his arm look nice.

SFMC already pointed out the cranium thing, only other thing that I’d comment on is the way the torn gi effect is handled. I understand that you’re keeping it true to SF3 style with the ruffle-like tear, but I think there’s a bit too much material at the top right now.

after re-reading that, I’m not sure if I make sense. Need sleeeeeeppp…


good stuff, post more!


This artwork is pretty great. You have a great talent. Great work.


Pretty nice work my friend. Suits him well. I’ve never been a giant fan of Sean, but have found him to be a cool character nonetheless. Keep at it! :smiley: