Sean strats...... is he any good?

No threads of sean!!!
Now thats funny.

For fun one time i was using sean, and even though i was getting my ass worked. I slowly started to beat down some people with him. And now, hes like my 5th best character.
I think hes the fastest shoto, and it also seems like he has the most life???

Anyways, how i use sean is like this.
Like every other shoto excluding any command moves.
Thats right, no fireballs dp or spin kicks.
Although i do use his taunt alot, which seems to set my opponent up for a free throw (they also want to parry it)…

But ya, all i do is try to knock down the opponent, and then i start with the shoto mind games.
dash throw on get up
dash back dash foward grab
dash back into crouching med.k xx SAII etc.

The only thing that really sucks with him is that he cant stun anyone. All his attacks do pixel stun, except his fierce which does 2 pixels stun.

his standing fierce into foward fierce works great. An awesome chain, although the can block the second part it works as a 2 hit overhead, giving u the chance to either throw your opponent after or do a super in hopes that their trying to throw u.

Anti air:
straight jumping fierce works the best.
Dp sucks the cock.
SAII works insanely well as it will beat any jump in or any super excluding shin-sho by ryu. It also juggles for a full 14 hits.
Dont get to perdictable with it, cause its only 1 parry on the jump in.

They all suck, but then again no shotos really have any effective pokes… like chun lis fierce.

Super of choice:
By far. SAII.
This super beats everything in the game, juggles well (except on alex), and u can always link in 2 of them in the corner.
SAII into standing roundhouse xx SAII.

SAII set ups:
Once u parry something, do crouching med.k xx SAII.

Well i hope you guys would give sean a chance, cause honestly i dont think hes crappiest player, i think 12 is but then again i’ve seen some people use him insanly well, so its really up to the player to decide how good a character really is.

Color of choice:
med. punch

if theres any questions or u just wants to argu, reply and ill answer back.
That is if there is going to be any replys.

My sean strategy is like this. Pick SA2, it’s the most fun. Now roll around a lot, to the point that your opponent is getting angry. then make it so the roll comes out right next to your opponent, and random super. Note that this only works on scrubs, anybody else, you’re on your own! :lol:

you can only get so far with sean. however, you have to stick to his basics, and not look at what makes him sean. he has shoto dash and some shoto pokes. more importantly, he has some pokes of his own that are quite helpful, such as strong -> roundhouse and his forward kick which has alot of priority/recovery.

play him like a generic shoto, with a mixup of the games basic pokes and throws. whenever you get a chance, chain his super in, i personally prefer SA2 because it has 2 meters and does a hefty amount of damage.

also, SA2 has the best priority of any move in the game. It even beats out Shin Shoryuken cleanly.

you sure about that nass? done at the same time, s cannon beats s shoryuken? i don’t see how that is possible…vid?

nevermind – i figured out why now. :stuck_out_tongue: shoryu cannon has a 10 frame invincibility, while ryu’s shinshoryuken only has a 9 frame invincibility.

Bullshit, I just tried it and the shinsho won.

nevermind…I don’t know what happened the first time I tested it…but yeah, it beats the shinsho :slight_smile: Sean rules!

I always thought SAIII was his best???

Sean’s supers are all debatable on which one is the “best.” The hadou burst has a small bar and does really good damage for it’s bar size. The shoryu-cannon has a lot of invincibility frames, anti-airs, and does good damage, but the bar is sort of long, and if your game revolves around a lot of EX kicks, this probably isn’t the super for you. SA3 is fast and can be used to punish stupid moves, like a blocked shoto sweep cough.

I’m playing sean on my DC these few days
and now I guess I know a bit about him…

His strongest ability is no doubt to be being able to dash quickly…
Especially the back dash, which is always used by me…

For example…
Doing a back dash after a 2lk>2lp, it’ll get you into the following conditions:

  1. Being able to hit someone with the tip of standing mk
  2. Safe distance to do a 2hk
  3. Relatively safe distance to do a 214lp or a foward dash
  4. A great low-parry bait
  5. Perfect distance for a crossover jmk (Requires good spacing control with the previous low jab pokes though)

While back dashing while your opponent is doing a jump-in give you these options:

  1. A distance which they can never make a big combo even if they hit.
  2. Easy parry timing
  3. The risk of opponent doing nothing in air and throw you when they land is close to zero.
  4. (Parry)>hp>41236p or 214p, hit and switch sides or stick close to the victim
  5. Just do a 214lp when you see they jump-in, you’ll switch to the other side of the opponent right after they land
  6. If you know your opponent is going to do a air parry, let them parry you hp! Then do a 214lp to switch sides and have fun.

There’re probably more options with a sean-backdash…
And there’re certainly many more options with the different set of SAs being picked…

Clearly using SA2 with the anti-air backdash sets a perfect distance and timing for a clean hit of SA2

While using SA3 makes your opponent having great pressure when they get used to your ground to ground backdash and wants to stop you by whatever means

These stuff works for me against the cpu and I hope it helps…
I’m gonna try it out against human players tomorrow in my nearby arcade, wish me luck. :smiley:

When u learn a character, you don’t conciously access a database of “options” when you’re playing. Options come with experience. The things that you DO need to be conciously aware of before and after a fight is the character’s main strengths (and weaknesses).

For Sean these are:

-dash (dash throw…cheezy as ever…and works)
-close standing rh…this move has insane hit/block stun…
-jab Tackle (blocked s. rh xx jab Tackle, then throw)
-air j. fierce (great anti-air…just like all the shotos)
-great supers
-his pokes (c. short, s. forward, s. fierce)

These are the things that build him. The rest are gimicks or combinations of the previous.

The fact that his SA2 and SA3 have invincibility allow him to have some pretty good baitout tactics…such as:

-UOH, SA2/3
-blocked s. strong, s. rh, SA2/3
-blocked s. rh xx jab Tackle, SA2/3
-dash, SA2/3

These are all good baitouts because the opponent will learn that after these sequences, they are going to get thrown, so they try to stick something out and eat a super.

Sean also has good throw games such as:

-c. shorts, dash, throw…yes lame but it works.
-s. rh, jab Tackle…throw…lame…it works!
-s. rh, short Tornado Kick…throw…lame again!

His anti-airs aren’t too hot…but they consist of:

-s. strong, s. rh chain
-SA2 (obviously)
-dash back, dash forward, throw…sigh
-dash under, dash forward, throw…sigh x 10 (because this works)
-early j. fierce (this is really good)

Of course u can get even trickier by doing stuff like dash back, then s. fierce anti-air…or whatever…3S is crazy like that.

The good thing about Sean is that he has supers that are effective against different characters.

SA2 is good for lets say ppl who jumpin a lot with high priority attacks. SA3 is good for Ryu SA3 because it goes under Denjin. SA3 is also good for Urien players who throw a lot of fireballs. Etc. etc.

OK im tired now…

well i know i should be the one to answer some of the questions…???

But i have one of my own.

Do u guys use any of his ex’s???
If so, which ones and whats the priorty/ recovery.

I dont use them, and am collecting wins.

Threads turning out not to bad.

His EX moves are pretty shitty IMO. His EX QCF+Kick is pretty useless because it seems slow as hell…bah i dun like it at all. His EX Uppercut is ok i guess…it does a lot of damage, but I’m not sure it has invincibility. It seems a lot like Oro’s EX Uppercut…and Oro’s has high priority. Anyway, its pretty useless too. His EX Takedown is really good damage, and its nice to actually land it but once again its slow. Good for retarded Urien players i guess. His EX Tornado kick is pretty useless too because it’s too slow and it recovers not so hot. Basically, all his EX’es are useless.

EX tackle would be so great if it went under fireballs, and why not? it wouldn’t have made Sean significantly better, just slightly less sucky. Curse you capcom and your bad marketing. :confused:

EX’s not good, I agree. …except for EX tourneyi. Only 3 frames of disadvantage when blocked, sets up a throw/parry/surprise hadou burst.

it would still suck if it went under fireballs…the reason tackles suck if u actually wanna HIT is cause after he reaches the opponent, there is still a gay pause before the move connects…god that move sux…the best thing about it is the fact that its good for mobility/baitouts/throw setups…just like Dudley’s HCF+Kick.

oh yeah about tornado kick, it SUX…even with its 3 frame recovery, its SOOOOO RED PARRY bait…i mean the move lasts like 2 minutes…just learn to red parry last hit of it and it becomes useless.

Some things I’ve found useful with Sean

s. RK, d+FK, into either 2 options:

  1. short hcf+SK: hard to parry. And if blocked you can do low JP/low SK/low SP for more pressure afterwards
  2. qcf+JP mixups: into throw, qcb+JP, or super

when you have a super stocked: close d+JP, d+FP, hcf+RK (whiffs), super. A dirty crossover technique, most people try to do something 95% of the time when they get crossed over, but there is very little lag on hcf+RK when it whiffs so free super.

forward throw into dash qcb+JP/ f+RK crossover into:

  1. jump straight up RK (whiff), throw (practice and learn the timing)
  2. jump up FK (good priority)
  3. super

Sean is all about mixing up! :cool: I’m going to try combining these with some of Karleguarths and anti-retards mixup strategies for a complete mind-boggling, opponent enraging and confusing gameplan :evil: :lol: :lol:

great stuff man, one of the nicest posts i seen in a while…

Shinshoryuken vs. Shoryu Cannon

I remember reading how shoryu cannon can beat out any other super even the shinshoryuken. I would like to put my 2 cents in now. I won’t disagree with that but it is good to note that once shinshoryuken hits and “grabs” the opponent Ryu is invincible until he comes down from it which gives it certain advantages over shoryu cannon. For example, during aegis reflector pressure tactics you can use the shinshoryuken to hit Urien for full damage through the aegis reflector. Sean will get in a few hits yeah but he won’t get nearly full damage when the aegis reflector knocks him out. It is also useful against certain Oro yagyou dama tricks as well.

I just started playing Sean the other day. I like em’ but I would still say he is very hard to play with which should make him low tier (along with Twelve). However, as mentioned before he does have shoto dash and decent normal attacks. His main downfall is most definitely his special attacks. If not for that he would be ALOT better. I’ve never known why people crap on Twelve either. I play really good with him. In fact, I probably play better with him than other characters. I guess my style is more poking. I’m glad to see people start coming around to Twelve though. Maybe they’ll come around to Sean next. That would be great especially since I consider SFIII:3rd Strike a very balanced game. No one should be left out.

EX QCF+K and EX DP are pretty good.

EX DP is fast/strong enough to trade with other shoto DP.

EX QCF+K hits up to 3 hits when the opponent approaches your jump or on bigger characters, its also his safest special move, recovers so much faster than it looks, completely unpunishable when blocked.