Sean strats...... is he any good?

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must . . . develop . . .

i have a (suicidal) interest in developing a kick ass sean. . . its looking pretty bleak - my friends are good players. still, its something i’ve got to do . . . sean is so poor, tho. i cant get a link from a jump in to a st. fierce, to a dragon punch. . . quite damaging, but it never hits. >sigh< i get a good mixup by substituting it with a mk tornado kick, followed by a parry, into whatever, or a throw. its reallly easy to parry after that move - something about the timing. i believe that parrying is vital for sean - it helps to even out the stage. i taunt alot too . . . its easy to dash, and sneak in a cr. forward, or throw while they parry like a clever dick. one thing i have noted: if you think of the qcf+k as a junior dive kick, your better off. its a slight difference. special move, to dive kick - but it really helps. i went from getting knocked out of it all the time, to connecting more often than not. of course, you must be prepared to parry afterwards. i’m glad to see that there are players willing to use sean - and win. my goal is to own. i’m gonna go thru all these posts soon - and dont give up!

I think you’re just fighting an uphill battle the entire time. That’s why you see TK, the famous Q player, always parrying like the DC on auto-parry because he literally needs to in order to get the opportunities he takes.

Words of caution: Almost all of his moves are punishable. Only exceptions that come to mind are the ex overhead kick and the ex tornado, which can still be punished by supers. The problem with many of his moves (including all normal versions of his tornado) are that they can straight up hit the opponent and still get “punished.”

To reiterate some of the high points on the thread: use his normals, they’re more staples than his specials. Best, in my opinion, are the strong, standing mk, far fierce for pokes.

General closing tactics come down to the fake tackle and throw. It’s such a good strategy that rarely gets you into trouble (and that the opponent rarely sees coming). Especially if you combo into it from a fierce, or the low forward which I have determined is 99% successful. Better still, if you screw up a jump-in and time the forward wrong, you can just resort to this tactic.

So be careful of those punishable specials. Opponents who are on their game will realize that they can always punish you with a dp type move even when they’re hit by the tornado.

To close, a good punishment combo (for those LONG hang time moves) is s.fierce, jab dragon smash, hadou burst, and a good bait is ex tornado (make sure it connects, in a combo or something) followed by ex dragon smash.