Sean, Twelve, or Q

Ok, there so much damn arguing about this.
Yes, there all low-tier. And yes, this really doesn’t matter. Hoping everyone can bring the discussion here and not everywhere else.
What order in tier do you think they belong.
What do you think?

you just don’t get it do you?

I get it. Its never ending. I just like to hear opinions, but in a more organized fashion (this thread)…

Q > Twelve > Sean. Bottom line~

I duno about that…Sean is a shoto after all. But what is a Shoto without : Hadouken, Shoryuken and Hurricane Kick? Not to mention no super. But Twelve doesn’t have any of these either (obv). I say Seans better cuz of crouching LK, LK into Haduburst/Shoryucannon/hypertornado. Bottom line : Sean is a shoto…worst of 'em but had way more combos and doesn’t take nearly as much as Twelve.

yes two crouch shorts into super is amazing, plus sean can do combos!!! and added plus, he fights with a basket-ball!!! not only that, he can wear a pink-gi!!! for sure he is tops!!!

Twelve & Q sport the pink as well

I dont think this is gonna resolve anything. They each have their strong points, and of course their weak points. Theres no way to determine who is “better”. But dont listen to me Im just bitching:lol:


No seriously why do ppl keep thinking that Q is bottom of the ocean tier? He can dish out good damage & he becomes Superman after 3 taunts, sure he lacks mobility, but that’s his only negativity IMO.
Twelve: Bottom, might be low
Sean: Low

Twelve is bottom, people just think Sean is the worst because they have no high level Sean play to use as a comparison.

Twelve, Q, Sean for sure.

Twelve is pretty good in my opinion you just have to not be afraid to run and poke.

I hear that.

Actually, Q is top tier! With nice mix ups and everything. Depends on player I guess. For Example: KURODA VS. RICKY O & JUSTIN W @ SBO3. Nuff said…

Oh for fuck sake your retarded. tiers have nothing to do with the players playing as them, and you could say the same god damn thing for Ibuki, Twelve and Hugo. There have been major tournaments in japan where these characters have won to.

No really Q is not low tier! He’s just slow that’s it.

… but you said he was top, hes DEFINITLY not top tier, you can say hes low-mid, i don’t care…

Can’t you tell he’s not being serious?

his first post (#13) he was serious

I’m not so sure…

He’s just trying to say Q is underrated. Everyone knows he’s not top tier, not even close…

well, if thats the case, my bad “two2tone” :xeye: