Sean Vids at all?

Does any body know where to get som good sean vids. because im putting in a lot of time making sean good so are ther any good sean players that actually win.

It literally almost never happens. Sean is basically just Ken with all the things that make Ken great taken away. When one normally picks low tier characters, they at least have a gimmick that makes the character different (Twelve’s air-dashing, Necro’s… everything, Remy LoV tricks) and fun. Sean has very little, and it’s all pretty ineffective.


weren’t u gonna make a Sean vid, I bet u coulda make a good Sean to make people wanna play him, even all the scrubb top tier players loved ya Twelve vid

I’m kinda backed up on videos right now, and I have no idea who plays Sean. Someone said Mike Watson does, but I don’t really know him or anything. Maybe I’ll ask him later, after the next 4 or so are done.


I play Sean a lot, but lack the resources to make a video. As soon as I fix that problem, I’ll try to put something together, but car insurance payment is this month so my bank account is getting anally raped.

You wanna talk bidness?


I’ll probably try to confer with good ol’ Adam Deats on the matter, actually, before getting into serious talk about it on here.

If I go through with making it, I’ll let you see it early for use of Streets of Rage in your vid. I loved that game and played the hell out of it. Too bad I probably won’t be able to come up with an intro nearly as good. But then, it is Sean, so I have an excuse if everything about my vid is crappier. =p

Alright yo. I’m outsourcing the content for the new vids because I’m lazy and don’t literally play every character, so if’n you’ve got the stuff and you wansta get down with the ZR Productions, you know where to find me.

N - What the hell did I just say?

Here are some vids a friend gave me