Sean vids

Are there any sean match videos?


aaaah sir thats where you are incorrect i have a vid of c-royd’s sean and of some tourney in japan where someone plays sean

can you post them?

This is one of Sean v.s. Twelve. Don’t knwo the names of the players though, not in english lol. Say what u want this is a good match-up vid here. Twelve even uses X.C.O.P.Y…

I also have one someone posted like a month or 2 ago. But it’s horrible. Sean pwns a Yun player, but this Yun sucked so bad that he deserved to be pwned by Sean.

But I wouldn’t mind seeing some good Sean vids myself. Better off prolly findin’ them from 2I though lol who knows…

totally forgot i posted in this thread then i was watching the vid with c-royds sean in it and remembed i’ll post up later

Sean vs Twelve X-Copy :clap:

i cant get the site to load up

just save as

Hey C-Royd’s Sean was not too bad, but his style is definitely different than mine. And True_Tech, aren’t you from around here in GA?

yea i’m from savannah unfortunely i live in co now

btw that was in tourney and c-royd’s sean is dope someone for a fact i know to be good cause i roomed with him at evo lost a money match to his sean at evo