Sean vs Ken/Akuma/Makoto/Chun li/Yun

Sean vs Ken [media=youtube]g4mnZZupsZA[/media]

Sean vs Ken/Akuma [media=youtube]hpLkxWt_vJc[/media]

Sean vs Akuma/Makoto/Chong li [media=youtube]O6ph99XyB8A[/media]

Sean vs Chong li/triad twin [media=youtube]-rnD-8puJtA[/media]

A Great Sean player Bodler is…:rock:

Thats why I hate SA3. Bar is too long and you don’t have a backup super to keep them honest so they rush you after you used it. At least with SA2 you have a good EX game and 2 Supers. SA2 is good for wakeup and can catch pokers out of block.Parry mp,mpds,SA2 Does 42% damage(to ryu) so with a full meter he can be dangerous. Also Rh,EX Tornado does good damage.

If ken whiffs a hurricane ANY time lp tackle can hit him on the way down. Same with a blocked DP(mp,fpDS). His fireball can be cornered close range by a lp roll, cr lp. lp tackle beats all of his exclusively hitting high moves.

Does jRh,Rh Mk tornado work?

hmm i never tought about punishing moves with a low.p tackle, feels kind of unsafe

Hey Bodler, nice vids, as always…

I need to get a vid recording program and record some of mine, i am getting tired of ppl asking me about the old vids I have on Youtube.

TBH I think I’m a SA3 also, I dont use Hadou Burst much, and even more seldom do i use Shoryu Cannon. Bodler, when’s the last time we threw down? lol…

loooong time ago, I never see you on 2df. Btw im using camtasia, and also you can easily find a serial for the trail verison

I noticed, lol…ur never on when I am, and it’s not often that i’m on there anymore…we will cross paths once again.