Sean vs Ryu/Alex/Urien Vids

sean vs boringryu

sean vs weak

and sean vs asian erector ( not Cruise but not bad )

just casuals

what do i do if i’m playing offline and they don’t get hit by my gimmicks. even worse, if they parry my hcf kick move?

Try to vary your attacks. If your opponent a parry now and then may only mean that your opponent is inputting option parries here an there. If you’re getting parried constantly, you’re not varying your game enough.

In the end, though, Sean is a gimmick character, so you might only get so far.

Bodler is the best sean I have seen since Sean P.(does some things better like that crazy high/low rush in the corner and the his grab game)

lp roll,cr lp(can you combo this into lpDS, SA2 or EXDS?) on thier fireballs close range.