Sean vs Urien

2 of my best games against Cruise…nice ending


Sean Forum. It exists.

Also, I find your sig slightly hilarious. Some people play the race card to get out of things, you play the Sean card.

So I take it you didn’t see the stickied video thread in the 1 and a half years you were here? :rolleyes:

And Christ, so you’re one of those people who put “SBO” and Japanese player names as tags so when I search for those things I get fucking online matches. Can’t hate on Cruise though.

pretty funnymatch.

street fighter third strike sean urien rx daigo umehara capcom combo tournament evo sbo ksk deshiken nuki dudley

It’s just pathetic…

Why does this deserve a thread.

And yes the tags. The fuck is this?!

hilarious matches

rx daigo umehara tournament evo sbo ksk deshiken nuki dudley

why is any of this in the tags? NEGGED and your a disgrace youtube, srk, and 3s.

hey wow incredibly average matches of cruise fucking up 5 things probably beacuse you live nowhere near him