Sean vs Urien

2 of the best games againts Cruise…nice ending


You’ve really improved Bodler, there was some solid hit confirming in there with your short short xx hyper tornados. Cruise is just too beast tho.

I remember Cruise, very good Urien player…only Played him once. Good shit there bodler…Hopefully we’ll fight soon…back to training…

Those are some VERY GOOD matches, your Sean is pretty good :tup:

Man…those hyper tornadoes came out of nowhere…

Why not use his SAI? Plenty of EX build up and damage is stackable…but I assume you have your reasons.

Cruise is a beast tho :slight_smile:

Keep the Sean up.

Eh, I see myself going to Hyper Tornado a lot of times, now cuz I rarely see the need to use EX moves with Sean, only one or 2 of em is worth a damn…so the meter is either there for the super or not much else…I switch between all the super arts now, mainly SA1/SA3 nowadays…i remember when i just used SA2, but now I rarely use it…don’t like it too much, I might use it against certain ppl.

Definitely keep up on the Sean, I need to record some recent matches…I will get around to that sooner or later…eventually.

not a bad vid! lol, you ate it hard in the second round trying to get a chip damage win :stuck_out_tongue: