Sean vs Yang/Chun

Bodler vs some dude named Xstar.



why did you make this thread? I just want to hear you say it

Wow man, you’re really good with mixups, even tho the other player seemed really weak.

My only suggestions are:

  1. Use close punch xx DP instead of close MP xx HK target combo for dealing damage. It’s 100% better and hits crouching opponents.
  2. Use SA1 instead of SA3. W/e works for you man, but SA1 is pretty much better IMO. Combos off of more stuff (his close punch xx DP and xx SA1 for more damage) and more importantly has three small stocks so you can depend it for damage. SA3 is flashier and does more damage, but I think SA1 is better.
  3. More tackle and roll mixups. What you can do is hit them, whether or not they block it, cancel into a tackle (don’t hold the button down) or roll and then grab them. When they try to throw tech after you cancel into the dash, use the Jab roll because that is throw immuned, so they’ll just throw whiff and be open.
  4. more balls for style
  5. don’t EVER make the mistake of not picking PINK Sean again


I disagree with most of the stuff the guy above me said.

p-p-p-play better people.

i wish strategy zone had moar better threads.

shouldn’t sean thread go in sean board?

  1. 100% non safe on block, mp hk is 100% safe
  2. Sa1 has low damage and cant do much with it, Sa3 has versitility
  3. I do this all the time
  4. I use seans balls all the time
  5. Now your talking

You fucking suck
Thats it

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