Sean's kara throw

I asked this question a week ago and nobody answered.

Is Sean’s karathrow (towards+fierce) any good? is it worth doing in a match? also, which one is better, sean’s standing forward karathrow or towards+fierce karathrow?

and what are some good setups? I usually do fake EX sean tackle then i stop right next to them and throw them. but now some people are starting to figure that out. is there a way maybe to set it up with fierce sean tackle so you’ll stop right outside of regular throw range, and then do a karathrow?

towards+ fierce is quite good
it’s better for tick-throwing, other than that, not much
if you use SA3, use it on wakeup alternating with low shorts (or low forward if you can hitconfirm it) and standing close RH, you can play mini-chun on their wakeup if you’re charged