Sean's useful moves

Hi, I’m one of the people that’s not interested in talking about how bad Sean is. I think if we work together we can come up with some pretty strong Sean players and show people what his character is really made of. I mean, you get an auto advantage at the start of most matches because many people will underestimate Sean and not take him seriously.

I have noticed that there are a lot of combos and such posted in this forum already so we’ve got some good stuff here. There are also a lot of people that just want to post that Sean sucks, though, and that’s not helping anyone.

Since this is a Sean strategy forum I think we should talk a bit about how Sean can be played to his best (even if Sean’s best is a ways from the best in the game), and try to figure out what he can do. This will be more helpful to talk about than whether he’s better than Q or Twelve, etc. I know there’s a section on the Makoto forum that runs through her moves and says what is useful about each one, as well as what is bad about them. That topic helped me out a whole lot when I started playing Makoto a while back. I think a helpful thing to start with for Sean would be a brief list of what his most useful moves are and what they’re useful for. Like what are his good meaty attacks, good pokes, good anti-air, useful combo moves and setups, etc. There’s already a good bit of this info floating around but if we could try and compile it into one thread and add more to it then it would be a lot more convenient.

I just recently started with Sean so I’m not very good yet, so hopefuly someone more knowledgable than me can help get this started. This is for all of the people that are really interested in making Sean worth something and not interested in bashing him into the ground. I hope someone will go along with me on this, it would be very helpful to me and all aspiring Sean players.

no need to start a new thread for this, look in the almost 15-20 threads below

Ahh, I only saw like 4 threads below this one(which weren’t extremely useful ones) because my preferences were set to filter old threads. My bad, now I’ll just get to reading up on the Sean goodness(or his lack of, whatever.) :tup: