Seantree Sculpture thread 2.0. Balrog etc

a peek at what i’m currently throwin down. wrecked the last body and had the head sittin around looking at me so I thought I’d start him back up. Playin SF4 really cut into art time for too long. more to come.

WOWOWOWOW!! Very nice! Also waiting for the finished product!

lil more.


wowsers. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone post up their sculpture.

That looks like it’s going to turn out great! Keep us posted on the progress!

You should see the other stuff he’s done. He had another thread around here somewhere with some awesome stuff in it. ALTHOUGH, I dont believe Ive ever seen anything completed lol. Seantree do you have ADD?:bgrin:

Hahaha, well ain’t he a lil’ cutie!

This is looking AWESOME!

lol, I think so. I’ve finished Guile and Gen. There are quite a few I did not finish but I’ve been getting better with sticking to a project to the end. Rog should be finished soon. Was thinking about a boxing glove as his base. Sound cool?

some more. don’t mind the limp glove. I haven’t committed to it yet so it’s just dangling there. I also really need to build a lightbox so I can take some better pics :confused:

lol if rog were ever a terminator

That looks awesome
how much time do you have on that?

too ripped or what Bland?

I don’t know how to multi quote so ExceII I’ve got about 6-7 hours on him I’d say. Still plugging away hoping to have him finished soon.

oh haha i didn’t mean it like that. just was lookin at the pic of rog’s unfinished arms and it made me think of him as an unfinished android. seriously tho it’s lookin great so far. can’t wait to see it finished, as usual :smiley:

seantree i remember you. do u have an account where we can see ur past finished stuff?

not really. Forgot I had this so I’m gonna start throwin’ stuff up there if you wanna check it from time to time.
Rog is coming along. Had to do another piece for shits and giggles but he’s back on track now

fucking savage bust man!
i done an akuma one a while back but its no where near this good!!
i’ll root out pictures and post them!
once again that is classic keep up the good work

yeah, post them up. I’ll get rog finished and posted soon.

Pretty cool!