[Search] Artwork from Madcatz TE Stick


Hi Guys,

many of you got the TE Stick.
Can anyone Please Scan the Artwork and Upload it?

I want to print it for my newest Stick, but i didnt findt any useful pics in the web. :rolleyes:


No one can help me? :sad:


theres a thread already



Im not searching the Template. Im looking for the Original Artwork.


He wants the original red/black artwork that comes on the stick by default.

Sorry Flyinghorse, I couldn’t find it either.


I would scan it, but my scanner’s maximum size is the size of regular paper. Can’t size anything bigger than 12"


Can you scan it in 2 Steps? First one piece of the Artwork, then the next? Ill put the files together by my self ^^ Better than nothing!


Oh you mean like scan it and put it together using photo stitch? Let me try that now


thanks :lovin:


PM you for email address


yeah i’d like to know this too, where are people getting high res artwork of sfiv images?


Google images, set filter to extra large/large images or check out deviantart