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I can’t find them, can you help me ? Thanks.


I have all of them but for Super not AE. I wouldn’t expect too many changes in the hit boxes though.

I can mail them to you if you want.


it would be nice, i give you my mail in a PM.



Wasn’t someone working on a guide showing the moves and their hitboxes?


Me and Veserius started working on that a few months ago. We already have the images and Ves wanted to edit them to include the frame data of each move as well. That’s a great idea but it sure can be time consuming.

Do you guys think Super hitboxes combined with AE frame data is a good idea?


yeah thats why i got kind of iffy on putting everything up, AE was right around the corner.

I know for a fact that certain moves do not match their super hitbox images/frame data, and I really didn’t want to make a guide of images that was incorrect.

Hell I’m starting to think that st.jab got a hitbox change. It’s just hard to judge how accurate things would be in general.


so can someone get their hands on ae hitbox data?


Hello folks! my name is Alex. so i see you guys want the hitbox data…i should be receiving the SPA 4 AE “book of vegetarian” today is the same book that has the hitbox data you can see @ eventhubs right now for yun/yang, i will need to scan my book before upload…but if you want to see it i will only try to distribute the info only to blanka players. I dont want other players getting the info so easily and specially not before EVO; Afterwards i dont mind if you guys post it on every other site like neogaf, iplaywinner or whatever place you like as long as you give me credit for it :slight_smile: If you guys want it please send me a PM…hope this helps!!

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