Search for SFV fighters for playing/training


Hi! I am new to SF and also new to fighting games, but I love SFV. Is anybody here, who would like to train and play with me ragulary? (preferable on PS4 because of audio chat, but also non PS4 players are welcome)
Play alone without any body to talk with is a bit disapointing …

I am 36 years old, I speak fluent german, russian and ukranian, but also english and esperanto is no problem, I am also trying to learn turkish and norsk, so native turkish and norsk speakers are also welcome :smile:. My PSN ID is blengon, you can also look to my (my clans) homepage and twitter account. I am one of the leaders of GGG clan, but unfortunately no body from my clan play SFV :disappointed:

So we (my clan) have a lot of communication infrastructure and we play also a lot of other PS4 games and I would be happy to find some SFV fighters too :smiley:


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