Search thread?

How do I search a thread now? I can’t find the button all…x_x

Okay, I guess the function doesn’t exist at all anymore…

On the top right corner. It says “Search” and you type what you’re looking for. Then, you check mark “Search Titles Only”

I was talking about searching within a thread, that’s searching for a thread in a a forum isn’t it?

That feature never existed at all nor will it ever exist. Why would you wanna do a a thread search within a thread itself? That makes no sense at all.

What you can do is do a search within a thread. And how do you do that? Just click on “Search” and type what you’re looking for. You’ll see titles + post at the same time instead of titles.

Doesn’t exist?

Dude say you have a thread with thousands of posts like the hdtv lag thread. Before the site change you search just that thread alone for let’s say instances of a tv you were looking for instead of sifting though the entire database of threads that ever mentioned it.

Or how about I want to check the sagat MU thread for any notes on balrog? Guess what? Now wherever balrogs name is written, it shows up in search results.

Dumb dumb dumb.

This can lead to more unnecessary q&a posts.

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It did exist, when SRK was vBulletin.

The feature was very useful to search for Member’s Posts in a specific Thread.
Or can be used to search for keywords in a specific Thread.

Now the only Search is through a Forum.

This is how the search feature works.

If I wanted to do a search on “Balrog” and I submitted it. You’re going to get a lot of result. However, if I click on “Search Titles Only.” You’re going to end up with title that has “Balrog” only.

Also, there is a feature that has “Advanced Search” which can help a lot.

You still can do that by using “Advanced Search.” It’s what vBulletin had.

That doesn’t work as well…but meh