Searching for a difficult but short Action game for PS4

Hi People, I need your help to recommend me some PS4 action games.
I want to play a single Player Action game with a quit hard difficulty. Since i don´t have that much time to play, I don´t like 30+ hour Games like Bloodborne.
I prefer games, that take 7-10 Hours (+ the time needed because of dying several times). For Instance, i liked Transformers Devastation a lot.
It would be even cooler if alle difficulty Settings are available at start (no unlocking) and when it has no skilling/grinding in it. I mean i want to know, that i died because of my reactions, not because i didn´t Level enough.
Do you know any of such games?

I could post one but since you couldn’t even be arsed to read the front page of the section to find the videogames general thread or the ps4 thread before mashing the new thread button you probably wouldn’t read my response either. :coffee:



oh shit nevermind I found the perfect game,game-2441.html

Try SFV without lag.

Lag always wins.

Elder Scrolls Online is a pretty quick playthrough, with lots of action and adventure.