Searching for a fitting Seimitsu Stick

Hello :slight_smile:

I am searching for a seimitsu stick which has low resistance and short travel. I want to be able to easily and immediately use hurricane kick after jumping and dash abck and forwards really fast. I was thinking about the LS-40, could anyone provide some input on that? Maybe its travel is too short, has it downsides? What about the resistance? (I have only used the TvC Fightstick so far.)

Thank you very much

Iā€™m sorry, but doing a hurricane kick right after jumping is something we only can dream of in the future. No stick on todays market can do that unless you pay a fortune. That is why so many players are getting sponsored today, to pay for sticks of the highest quality.

lol. With my pad i do it instantly, like a rising helicopter. With this tvc stick it takes too much travel to do it like that. I edit my op-post to make clearer what i want to know

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